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Financial Podcasts Worth Listening To

Now and then, I will feature personally recommended resources for my readers to enjoy. This week, I would like to discuss my top three favorite podcasts.

#1 The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave does a phenomenal job of making finance exciting. From a budgeting standpoint, Dave is the man to listen to when pursuing a debt free lifestyle. Listening to this podcast will help remind you of the importance of budgeting, and motivate you if you've fallen off track.

He takes callers and answers their questions, and if you take the time to listen regularly, someone will most certainly ask a question or two that apply to where you are in your own journey. You can also call with your own questions, if desired.

From an investment side of things, please contact me for recommendations. Due to Ramsey’s focus on mutual funds (which I find outdated), I think there are better options.

#2 You Need a Budget (YNAB)

This podcast is a great weekly dose of just the right kind of medicine to help you get out of debt, save more money and beat the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. They just started a new series called Debt Stories: Real People Beating Debt & Winning Financially. In the series, you get to hear storied from people who used YNAB to get out of debt AND what they are doing now. Click here to get to the YNAB website.

YNAB pocast is a wonderful glimpse of what your life could be like if you choose to truly embrace budgeting to teach financial freedom.

This company also has a fantastic budgeting app for computers/smart phones that you can use to start your budgeting journey. I personally use this app and you can click here for my review of the app.

#3 Ric Edelman Show

My third and probably favorite would be the Ric Edelman Show, and this podcast is focused on investments rather than creating and maintaining a budget. Edelman is trustworthy, does an excellent job of making you think through all your choices and options, and he makes the podcast interesting and fun to listen to, as well. . Click here to check it out.

This particular podcast is more for the man or woman who is already out of debt and ready to begin investing but may not be sure where to start. If you do not have a personal investor or financial advisor, his podcasts can help you think outside the box and learn about the world of investment.

He discusses options like when should you delay paying off your mortgage, or how to know if you should invest even more than traditionally outlined.

If you have a financial podcast you enjoy listening to, write a comment or send me a message. I believe education is one of the most important parts of achieving financial freedom and I'm always looking to learn about new resources.


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