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Meet Nathan Lippincott

I am a financial advisor and budgeting expert for STM Asset* in Fairhope, Alabama. I enjoy helping people work their way towards financial freedom while establishing solid money management skills. What started as a personal journey has turned into a strong desire to assist others as they navigate their way through the pitfalls of debt.


From budget design and tools to daily savings strategies to retirement decisions, it is my goal to help people find security, and not despair, in their finances. You do not need to drown in debt and live paycheck to paycheck. You do not need to be trapped between anxiety and guilt when it comes to your spending. I am here to provide resources and guidance for anyone who is looking for a different way to live.

When I’m not studying finance, and plotting out my own family’s budgetary needs, I juggle my work with STM Asset Management and a pastorship at Grace Bible Church. I love spending time with my wonderful wife, Sunni, and our three beautiful children: Ayden (10 years), Trey (5 years) and brand new Eliza Lou.

*STM Asset Management is an Alabama licensed Registered Investment Adviser and permitted to service clients in Alabama and other states as permitted by law.

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